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Four Eco-Friendly Housing Alternatives

Four Eco-Friendly Housing Alternatives

The construction industry has a significant impact on the environment and is responsible for up to 50% of climate change, 40% of global energy use and 50% of total landfill waste. These statistics are somewhat alarming, so it’s no surprise that many people are seeking out more environmentally friendly ways of living.

This might come in the form of adding solar panels to their existing home, or small changes like switching to LED bulbs, but some people are seeking out complete housing alternatives which are more environmentally friendly. There are many eco-friendly housing options out there which have less impact on the planet, so if you want to know more, read on for our handy guide.

Log cabins
Many log cabins are built using larger logs which haven’t gone through the same milling and treatment process as traditional construction timber, making them more eco-friendly. Wooden logs also absorb heat during the day, giving them excellent insulation properties.

Shipping containers
These modern crate homes have been steadily growing in popularity and they offer a unique, industrial look. They’re smaller than most modern homes, which means they’re cheaper and easier to construct and many people choose to add solar panels or green insulation to up the eco-friendly credentials.

Green-roof homes
Also called a living roof, this environmentally friendly feature can be added to existing homes in urban areas. Green roofs offer eco-friendly insulation and a natural habitat for wildlife, plus they absorb excess water and help to cool a property’s internal temperature. They look great too and can even improve the air quality in densely populated urban areas.

Cob housing
Cob is a clay-based building material made from straw, sticks and other natural fibres, mixed with subsoil, water and lime or clay. It’s been used for centuries to build houses and offers many benefits – it’s affordable, fireproof, easy to mould and resistant to earthquake damage.

If you’ve been searching for your dream eco-friendly home, consider a bespoke log cabin from the experts at Northern Log Cabins. Our cabins are built using only the highest quality materials and we’re proud to offer a complete design, planning and construction service. With timber cabins available in a range of sizes, from one to three bedrooms, we’ve got space for the whole family. For more information or to discuss your requirements, give us a call today or visit our website

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