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Why 4 Bedroom Log Cabins are the Perfect Homes for Families

Why 4 Bedroom Log Cabins are the Perfect Homes for Families

Have you ever taken your family on a camping adventure and marvelled at how quickly your little ones adapt to the great outdoors? Although your children may typically be glued to the television and their smartphones, there’s nothing like a trip to the countryside to make them forget about technology. This is a wonderful feeling for parents and guardians, but what a shame it is when it’s time to pack up and go home! Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way of capturing that ‘lost in the countryside’ feeling forever? Luckily, there is: log cabin living. Living in a log cabin holds many benefits, and when you choose a four-bedroom log cabin home, there’s space for the whole family.

At Northern Log Cabins Ltd, we’re proud to have designed and built many gorgeous bespoke log cabins for families to live in. Whether you’ve got young children or you’d simply like space for your older children to visit on the weekend, a wooden lodge is the ideal place for families to connect and spend time together. Here’s why we believe four-bedroom log cabins are the perfect home for families.

Four-bedroom log cabins offer plenty of room

It’s a common misconception that log cabins are only slightly bigger than garden sheds – but this couldn’t be further from the truth! When you design and build your very own lodge, you can decide how much room your family needs to ensure maximum comfort for everyone. Four bedrooms offer plenty of space for the whole family to enjoy, and with spacious room sizes, you don’t need to worry about feeling cramped.

If your children now live by themselves, you can simply use these extra rooms for when they come to stay. Whether they’ve moved to university or they’ve started a family of their own, they will surely appreciate having a place to sleep when they stay with you. In the meantime, your spare rooms can be used as guest bedrooms. When you live in a gorgeous wooden home, you can bet there won’t be a shortage of friends and family members hoping to stay over! 

Four-bedroom log cabins offer plenty of storage space

As all parents know, having children requires lots of space! From endless piles of children’s clothes to prams and toys, it can seem like your children have ten times more to store than you do. Many people believe that log cabin homes don’t have the infrastructure for storage, leaving many families tempted to give up their dream of wooden lodge living in favour of more traditional options. While it’s often true that log cabins aren’t built with attics or basements, this doesn’t have to be the case for you.

When designing your four-bedroom log cabin, you can choose how much storage you’d like in your home. You may even decide to use one of your bedrooms for additional storage space; the choice is yours. Log cabin homes offer more flexibility than many people realise, so if storage space is high on your list of priorities, you’ll be pleased to know that four-bedroom log cabins offer this. 

If you don’t have children, spare rooms make great guest bedrooms

Even if you don’t have children, four-bedroom log cabins are the ideal choice for many. Some people prefer smaller log cabins for two, but if you’d love the extra space, why not invest in spare bedrooms? Whether you use these to store belongings or you’d like to create a home office, there are many great reasons to buy a log cabin with more rooms than you currently need.

Spare bedrooms also make brilliant guest rooms. When friends or family come to stay, you’ll have a beautiful wooden bedroom readily prepared to make them feel at home. Log cabins are known for their cosiness and natural beauty, so you’ll have the perfect place for your lucky guests to sleep. 

Log cabins can be built close to schools and colleges

When you think of living in a log cabin, many people picture remote spots huddled by mountains and forests. While this option is certainly available to you (and many people love residing in truly rural areas), you don’t need to turn your back on city living altogether. Designing and building your own log cabin means you can choose a plot of land close to schools and colleges. If you don’t want to home school your children, you don’t have to; log cabins can be built within driving or walking distance to your kids’ schools or colleges.

If you do decide to home school your little ones, there’s no better classroom than the countryside! On sunny days, open up your log cabin porch and study in the fresh air. On rainy days, turn one of your four bedrooms (or your spacious living room!) into a makeshift classroom. With very few distractions, your little ones are sure to get their heads down. 

Living in the countryside means plenty of time to spend with your family

Life in the countryside can be quiet and calm. Many people speak of how peaceful living in the countryside can be, away from busy traffic and shops selling us things we just don’t need. As a result, living in the countryside often makes it feel like you have more time for the really important things – like spending quality time with your family! Without so many city distractions and disruptions, spending quality time with your little ones doesn’t have to be an afterthought.

If you currently work in a busy job that demands lots of your attention, perhaps you can’t wait for the day when you can hand in your notice and retreat to the countryside. With limited phone signal, living in the countryside and away from the hustle and bustle of city life can be truly refreshing. Plus, this means more time to spend with your loved ones. What a bonus! 

There are many great activities and hobbies to enjoy together

It’s not just about having more time to spend together. It’s also about having more resources available to spend quality time. After all, as many log cabin owners will tell you, living in a wooden home isn’t just a change of address – it also means a change of lifestyle. Instead of settling down to watch films all day, it’ll be easier than ever to go for a brisk walk outside. Or, perhaps your little ones can get involved in gardening and vegetable growing. There are many great activities to get involved in! 

Growing up in more rural areas often means developing many great life skills. From stargazing to hiking and kayaking, activities which children love to get involved in can also help them develop valuable skills for the future. Inspiring a love for the great outdoors early on has many great benefits, and living in a log cabin is certainly a great way to immerse you and your family in the beautiful countryside.

Living in the countryside can instil an appreciation for the environment
Living in the countryside can help you develop a real sense of appreciation for wildlife and the environment. As a result, you often develop healthier habits, such as walking instead of driving and making sure to never litter. If you want to instil this appreciation for the environment in your children, living in a log cabin home is a great way to do so! 

Whether you choose to live in a residential log cabin park or you buy a plot of land and live somewhere more remote, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature. From hiking through forests to swimming in lakes, there are many great ways to embrace the great outdoors – and your kids are sure to love this! 

Northern Log Cabins Ltd: Beautiful 4-bedroom log houses available for worldwide delivery

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At Northern Log Cabins Ltd, we have the expertise and resources available to build wooden buildings to suit your requirements exactly. From glamping pods to residential wooden houses, look no further for a design and installation company you can trust.

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